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Let’s try a round of Hornady 95 gr. JHP/XTP. It penetrated only two jugs, and dented the third jug, but expanded well. Maybe if we want more penetration, we ought to use Ball. So, let’s give it a try. The Ball ammo penetrated 5 jugs before stopping. Just as expected. The biggest “small gun” I will test is a .38 Special snub nose 2 inch.

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With the .50-Caliber round of the Traditions Buckstalker, you are relying mostly on the wide wounding channel the bullet produces as it passes through. .50 Caliber Muzzleloading Bullets When hit with your bullet, the target is going to have a half inch hole punched in it.

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I haven't used the rifle in at least 35 years and have plenty of round balls to start with. But... what I'm looking for is a conical bullet with more weight and punch than the 130 grain round ball can supply. It appears that all the manufacturers of hollow base conicals are out of business or don't make a slug for the 45.

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Jun 27, 2017 · The case is a shortened 44 Russian round with a light for caliber bullet. I swage a 148 grain 38 WC made from pure lead and it makes a satisfactory bullet. Making that and similar bullets is an ... Hornady Lead Round Ball Black Powder Bullets are affordably priced and manufactured in line with strict specifications. Virtually every product Hornady manufacturers is of exceptional quality and workmanship, which is why its bullets are so highly regarded by law enforcement officials, military personnel, hunters, competitive shooters, and target shooters. This particular bullet is made from ...

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So many different rifles use 35 caliber bullets, but the Hawk selection gives you the range in weight, profiles, and the ability to match the jacket thickness to the game and velocity. The large bullet companies often mass produce a work hardened bullet that needs to be shot from a magnum rifle to perform terminally.

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I don't know how much powder to suggest for the .36 caliber "Navy" pistols, but the .44 caliber "Army" pistols must not be loaded with more than 30 grains (by volume) of real or substitute powder when using round balls and no more than 25 grains when using conical bullets.

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"Hebi Sasuke vs Post Time Skip Zoro Who Takes The Win? - Energy Equalised - No Prep - Bloodlusted " and more great discussions about VS Battles Wiki

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The conical gave a 3 shot group of 14.5" off the bench(50 yards). The RB gave a 3 shot group of 4.5" off the bench(50 yards) and a 5.5" group(3 shots again) at 100 yards. Continuing evidence that the round ball is one of the best bullets to feed those 1:78" barrels! Nov 17, 2018 · This video is an accuracy comparison between round balls and conical bullets. Both will be fired, using the 1847 Colt Walker. Be sure to subscribe to my channel for more videos.

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RandyTheHack You will not achieve the potential of the Old Army using round balls. Lee makes a very nice mold just for the old army. It has a round nose and a rebated base to facilitate loading, with conicals you can see some real accuracy, and do some pretty good long range shooting.

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I have been shooting my Traditions Deer hunter sidelock for about 6 or 7 years now and all I have fired out of it is .490 round balls, I have never tried a conical bullet out of it yet. I have taken 2 nice bucks with it over the past two seasons, both deer were within 30 actully the big one i...

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A full metal jacket truncated cone (FMJ-TC) is a bullet with a cone-shaped nose and a flat-tipped end, due to the nose being cut off. This type of bullet lies between the standard FMJ and the FMJ-FN, and is mostly used for target shooting and competitive matches.

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Apr 16, 2012 · This is the final episode of a three part series comparing the performance characteristics of various projectiles shot from a Colt style 1860 Army cap and ball revolver. In this series we will measure the accuracy, velocity and muzzle energy and penetration of round ball versus conical bullets. The Ball-et is a light conical that exhibits more energy characteristics than a round ball, is easier to load than a sabot, and can meet higher velocities than conicals.

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LRN = Lead Round Nose. STHP = Silver Tip Hollow Point. TFSP = Total Fragmenting Soft Point. SJSP = Semi Jacketed Soft Point. SJHP = Semi Jacketed Hollow Point. LHP = Lead Hollow Point . CLL = Cowboy Lead Load. JSP = Jacketed Soft Point. FN = Flat Nosed. FNEB = Flat Nose Enclosed Base. PTHP = Platnium Tip Hollow Point. PG = Partitioned Gold. HSP ... Dec 19, 2020 · The sabot or conical bullet must be seated firmly against the powder charge. Seat the projectile with exactly the same pressure shot after shot to aid in accuracy. Remove the ramrod from the bore and return it to the thimbles before you prime the firearm.

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What I prefer [for starters] is to have an expander ball that is .003″ smaller than bullet diameter. So for example in a .224 caliber, run an expander ball of .221″. If you want to take the expander ball down in diameter, just chuck up your decapping rod assembly in a drill and turn it down with some emery cloth. In general patch round ball twists are much slower, 1 in 66 inch for is common in repro Penna-Ky, VA, Hawken and southern types, whereas conical,minie repros run 1 in 32" and 1 in 48 are common, antique rifles have a twist decided on by the barrel maker and his rifling machine.

Colt marked .434 Round ball and conical bullet mold. Click to Enlarge Image . Colt marked .434 Round ball and conical bullet mold. RJT# 3404-132 - Price. $100.00 ...

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During the early 1980's, I took a .45 caliber percussion T/C Hawken in on trade for another rifle I had for sale. The guy threw in a bullet mold for the 240-grain .45 T/C Maxi-Ball.Shooting 70 grains of GOEX FFFg black powder, the rifle shot the bullet better than I had ever gotten a Maxi-Ball to shoot out of a .50 caliber Hawken.I kept the rifle for several years, thinking that one of my kids ...

The powder charges that produce accuracy are still between 80-120 grains but, the heavier bullet carries more momentum into the target. TC has saboted bullets up 300 grains. Thompson Center has soft, expanding lead Maxi-Hunter bullets up to 470 grains and hard, deep penetrating lead Maxi-Ball bullets up to 460 grains in weight. Let Google be your guide to find them! Lots of good accuracy reports are coming from people that simply use a suitable diameter round ball seated in the brass case. I use the large 535 grain, 3 lube groove bullet a fella by the name "Coyote" produces for my 5 groove MkIII Carbine. Oct 07, 2020 · That version even has green paint applied to the steel bullet tip to ease identification and moisture-blocking sealant applied around the primers. The 7.62 NATO X-TAC version comes with a 147-grain FMJBT bullet. Performance is similar, if not identical, to M80 ball ammo. PMC X-TAC Match Ib diploma brochureIt’s called the 22 CB Cap (short for “conical ball cap”). While not as powerful or accurate over long range as the 22LR round, it is still powerful enough to take small game such as rabbit or squirrel and provides the added advantage of being no louder than a pellet gun (and perhaps even less so). .

Jul 07, 2011 · The 7.62-mm special ball (M118) bullet consists of a gilding metal jacket and a lead antimony slug. It is a boat-tailed bullet (rear of bullet is tapered) and weighs 173 grains. The tip of the ...
.451 Round ball and .457 round ball for Ruger Old Army. .44 Cal conical bullets for the Remington .44. And conical bullets for Ruger Old Army. These are made from soft lead, so as not to scratch the barrel. Flat Rate shipping is the best way to go with these, because of the weight. I only charge the actual shipping, no more. MISSION: Provide the warfighter with 5.56mm (ball tracer) ammo that improves hard and soft target performance while eliminating more than 2,000 metric tons of lead annually from training ranges. DESCRIPTION: The 5.56mm Ball, M855A1 Enhanced Performance Round (EPR) contains an environmentally friendly projectile ...